Pettitte Finds Inspiration & Outs In Spring Debut

So, how’s the Roger Clemens conundrum affecting Andy Pettitte’s play?

Andy Pettitte Yankees pitching

So far,not too badly.

The NEW YORK TIMES reports the Yankees hurler looked pretty good in his spring training debut, holding the Phillies to a walk & a single in two innings of work during Sunday’s 7-7 tie.

Wait, a 7-7 tie? Was Bud Selig in the crowd?

But after such an eventful offseason - with the Mitchell Report and ratting out the Rocket and getting his dad to hunt down some HGH - Andy must have looked for some inspiration to help through the tough times.

And he did.

By reading Tony Dungy’s book.

Tony Dungy Quiet Strength book cover

(With a foreword by Denzel Washington!)

The NYT mentions that Pettitte has been perusing the pages of “Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, &, Priorities of a Winning Life” - the largely-selling life-changing literary work written by the Colts coach after he won Super Bowl XLI.

And Andy seems to have gotten through a couple of chapters, as he says he’s moving on from the steroids scandals:

I’ve apologized and I’ve got a job to do now. I can’t waste any more energy emotionally on that whole deal. I’m just looking forward to pitching and trying to help this team, trying to help the guys on this staff.”

Maybe Pettitte can use the upcoming season to write his own missive, inspiring others to crawl back up from the personal depths they’ve fallen to. And maybe make some pocket change to purchase some more PEDs.