Andy Pettitte Got His Dad To Pick Up His HGH?

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is touting an exclusive that Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte got his shipments of human growth hormone from his father Tom.

Andy Pettitte pitching

The statement made its way to the paper and was then given to the House committee grilling both Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee this morning.

“Andy had not previously mentioned this usage because he acquired the substance from his father, who had obtained it without Andy’s knowledge in an effort to overcome his very serious health problems, which have included serious cardiac conditions. Andy did not want his father whom he deeply respects and loves, to be brought into this matter and sought to shield him from publicity.”

According to a source close to Brian McNamee, the trainer who accused Pettitte and Roger Clemens of using performance-enhancing drugs in the Mitchell Report, Tom Pettitte picked up HGH at a gym parking lot near the Pettitte’s hometown and in Mexico, where he brought the drugs back across the border.

That’s some fatherly love and concern right there, going beyond the call of duty and crossing the border to get the PEDs your son needs to heal. Aside from the usual written expressions of regret, the statement from Pettitte adds that he plans to address the whole investigation at spring training.

Yeah, I’d say there will be a larger number of reporters than usual at Legends Field in Tampa when pitchers and catchers report.