Jones Tips Scales At 248 LBs; “My Shoes Are On”

Andruw Jones is in a season-opening slump. The new $36.2 million addition to the Dodgers lineup has begun his first year in L.A. with a batting average around .100 and no home runs yet belted.

Andruw Jones Los Angeles Dodgers

And speaking of belts, T.J. Simers of the LOS ANGELES TIMES argues that it could be Andruw’s expanding waistline that’s expanding his problems in the batter’s box.

Referring to the slugger as “tubbo” throughout his article, Simers confronted Jones about his big problems at bat and at the buffet table:

He said he’s 240 pounds, and I said no way, and so he said, “Do you want me to go weigh myself?”

I said, “Yes, I do,” and he said the scale was off limits to the media because as you know the Dodgers get their jollies making most areas around here off limits to people.

“Let’s go,” I said while leading him to the scale, and he checked in at 248 pounds. “My shoes are on,” he said, sounding more like my wife than the Dodgers’ center fielder.

No wonder Andruw’s swing has suffered. You’d have problems at the plate, too, if you were wearing 8-pound cleats.

But despite what the off-limits scales said, Andruw says he has no concerns about his weight. He also adds that he doesn’t care if the fans keep booing him for his poor performance:

“I don’t have to tell fans nothing,” he said, and he certainly knows how to sell those Andruw Jones jerseys. “If they want to support me, fine; if they don’t want to support me, that’s their choice. I can’t worry about what other people say. They’re not God.”

But there is one person who’s opinion matters most to Jones:

“My mom is still living, my dad is still living, and my mom thinks I’m fine and that’s what matters.”

While Andruw struggles with the Blue Crew, another batter is off to a bad start with the Brew Crew. Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder has also gotten to a rough start this season - with some blaming his switch to a vegetarian diet as the source of his slump.

Maybe there’s a solution that can benefit both players: Jones should start shipping all his clubhouse bacon burgers and cheese fries to Fielder. Andrew eats healthier, Prince rejoins the carnivorous race, and both sluggers get back to their swinging selves.