Andrews Was Also Filmed Nude In Ohio, Milwaukee reports today that Erin Andrews peephole video stalker, Michael Barrett, also filmed her in a Columbus hotel room in Jan., 2008 and Milwaukee in July and September, 2008.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

The feds say Barrett then posted the videos on a Google video account calling the video, “Erin Andrews Naked Butt.”

TMZ also reports on a statement from Barrett’s attorney that sounds like he’s ready to initiate some sort of plea agreement.

TMZ received a statement from Barrett’s lawyer, saying, “Mr. Barrett would like to express his deep regret for the circumstances that have caused the issuance of the charges against him today. It is his sincere hope that this matter can be resolved as soon as possible.”

Barrett’s max penalty for his despicable acts before the Ohio and Wisconsin revelations was relatively light, only five years. But these additional revelations have piled onto his possible punishment.

Wouldn’t be shocked at all if he cuts his losses and cops a plea.