Andrew Bogut Breaks Unofficial NBA Dress Code

The biggest joke in Milwaukee right now? The obvious answer is the Bucks record and a recent loss to the Miami Heat leading to the ouster of GM Larry Harris. But the real laugher is the street clothes selection made by rich, big man Andrew Bogut who was snapped sitting at the end of the bench exposing this 80s getup.

Andrew Bogut clothes selection

White loafers, white socks and jeans look has Bucks’ loyalists crying foul and declaring this outfit a NBA dress code violation. Yeah, but those loafers are probably made with some special kangaroo hide and cost upwards of $400 per pair. And those white socks…imported Tunisian cotton - or something like that. $40 per foot.

Yet again, Bucks’ fan complains about a guy just trying to look different than ball cap and hoodie Wisky resident. Meanwhile, the Cheeseheads have fun on street corners as the Milwaukee playoff hopes dwindle.

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