Andre Rison Proclaims Self Best WR Of All Time

Best wide receiver of all time? That’s easy — it’s Andre Rison … um, according to Andre Rison. And if he owned NFL Films, he could prove it. Wait, what?

Andre Rison

Rison, in an interview with the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION which was published on Sunday, says that Jerry Rice has been unfairly called the best receiver of all time. That’s rubbish, he says. And in Rison’s defense, it’s true that Rice has never won a Grey Cup.

“Best receiver to ever play the game. I can’t show my highlights because I don’t own NFL Films, but all my coaches in college, in high school, in junior college, they all told me I could be the best. But they must’ve lied because that title was already given to Jerry Rice. Just because you have stats doesn’t mean you’re the best. Can’t nobody tell me that Andre Reed isn’t better than Jerry Rice. I’m seeing cornerbacks on the 75th anniversary team that I used to demolish. But I’m coming out with my own hall of fame.”

Rison is nothing if not modest. Oh, also he’s going to be a head coach one day.

“Eventually, eventually, I will. I’ve been doing this for several years now. I coached a little bit in my hometown, Flint, Mich. I felt like I was a coach when I was a player. When you’re the go-to guy, you end up being a player-coach anyway. I get a kick out of a seeing a kid who has no clue and then, after 72 hours with me, they have all the clues in the world.”

The five-time Pro Bowler who won a Super Bowl with the Packers in 1996 and a Grey Cup with the Toronto Argonauts in 2004 was released by Toronto in 2005 and hasn’t played football since. He scored 15 receiving touchdowns with the Falcons in 1993, and holds an NFL record by scoring touchdowns with seven different teams.

Of course he’ll probably be best known as the guy whose house was burned down by Lisa Lopes.