Key To Ivanovic’s Heart? Don’t Gossip About Her

As everyone knows, the main cause of a ruined childhood isn’t divorce, or being beaten by bullies, or even drugs. It’s that horrible act known as “rumor-mongering”. Nothing hurts like having a bunch of people whispering behind your back, spreading lies about things like, say, the size of your genitals. Or something like that. Well, tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic wants that to stop! And when Ana Ivanovic speaks, we listen. Even if we don’t understand what she’s saying at all!

Ana Ivanovic

(ATTN blogger: Wanna a shot with Ana? Then stop blogging about her!)

Speaking to Serbian children as part of UNICEF’s “You Are Cool” campaign, Ivanovic is letting the youngsters know through online video (their medium of choice!) that gossiping is bad and whoever does it is a horrible monster.

The full video message, post-jump:

Video courtesy WOMEN’S TENNIS BLOG:

And since most of our readership lacks a certain fluency in the Serbian department, here’s a translation:

“You are a cool person when you don’t gossip about others, and when you accept them and their weaknesses as a part of your society.”

In any case, while this video will most certainly work on myself - all future rumors will have at least two sources! - the amount of effect this little ad is expected to have on the rumor-mongering of pre-teens around the world: Zero.

That’s just the way kids are. They’re mean little bastards who only care about being cool and going along with the crowd. Especially if that crowd is in Oak Forest, Illinois, and the rumors being spread are about the size of someone’s genitals. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole bunch of harsh childhood moments to stick back in the old Repressed Memory Bin.