Ana Ivanovic Signed Tennis Dress Grand Prize In Online Contest

ANA IVANOVIC WILL GIVE YOU THE DRESS OFF HER BACK: SbBer Mark serves us up this “Exclusive!” online contest, where the grand prize is a tennis dress signed by Serbian sensation Ana Ivanovic:

Ana Ivanovic 2 photos

TENNIS.COM is actually being a little more generous and offering up *three* adidas dresses, each with the John Hancock of the 19-year-old backhanding beauty.Contestants need to correctly answer a trivia question about Ana (no, not about her turn-ons or measurements), and send in their name and e-mail for a chance at capturing the courtly clothing.

Ana Ivanovic Photos

Of course, what would one do with a signed Ivanovic dress? Frame it? Wear it? Smell it? Sell it back to Dan Holzmann for a hefty profit?