Ana Ivanovic On Stamp; USC Song Girls in Bikinis

SbB’s Adventures in Air Travel: Kickin’ it in Kansas City, chillin’ in Charlotte.

Ana Ivanovic gets the stamp of approval from the Serbian postal service.

Ana Ivanovic

• USC’s Song Girls make $1 million in just one day by basking in bikinis.

Matt Leinart’s car spotted in L.A. - or could it be Nick Lachey’s wheels?

Pope Benedict can come in to Yankee Stadium, but he’s have to leave the Popemobile with the valet.

Carmelo Anthony gets into a nugget of trouble with a DUI charge.

• If Red Bull gives you wings, Lou Piniella would rather stay grounded.

• Wanted to see the end of Saturday’s Red Sox-Yankees game? Tough luck, Fox viewers!

• But the blackout didn’t affect Boston hurler Clay Buchholz, who was busy sharing a few ptichers with Chris Berman.

Chris Bosh wants Toronto Raptors fans to stop being so timid.

• Beijing says it will stop producing pollution for the Olympics. If you can believe Chinese communists, who can you believe?