Ivanovic Won’t Let Wimbledon Loss Damper Shoot

Good to see that a shocking third-round Wimbledon loss hasn’t hampered Ana Ivanovic’s desire to pose for a sexy magazine shoot.

Ana Ivanovic FHM

ERRATIC MAGIC alerts us that the Serbian swinging sensation has a sweet spread coming out in the August issue of FHM. The British edition is already on sale, with other international editions soon to hit newsstands. If you can’t wait to get your own local copy, have some friends in England ship you an issue or three.

Unlike certain other camera-shy tennis temptresses, Ivanovic tells the DAILY TELEGRAPH that she had a ball on the shooting set (with more photos after the jump):

Ana Ivanovic FHM cover

“Modelling was great fun. And it’s great to do something different, especially when you spend so many hours of your life on a tennis court.”

However, Ana’s enjoyable time posing & posturing doesn’t mean she’s all done with her on-court duties:

“But generally speaking, I’m a tennis player first. I know that one day I will be the greatest female tennis player in the world.”

And while perusing through the interview, we learn that there’s still hope for all you lovelorn tennis fans out there - Ana’s still available!

Ana Ivanovic FHM

“It’s just that with all the traveling I do with my job – I’ve played six tournaments so far this year – it’s hard to have a proper boyfriend.”

Think you’re proper enough to win Ana’s heart? Send your resumes to: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, One Progress Plaza, Suite 1500, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701. Be sure to use this stationery for a quicker response.