An L.A. NFL Stadium! No, This Time We Mean It!

Here’s how you know the latest attempt by billionaire (and minority owner in the Lakers and Kings) Ed Roski to lure an NFL team to Los Angeles by building a stadium for existing teams to skip off to is serious: there’s a Web site! With a fancy video like Madden ‘08! (The video for the new Cowboys stadium is better, which is why theirs is already being built.)

(H/T: YOUBEENBLINDED for the video)

No, that’s not it… you know he’s serious this time because “(Roski) controls the land necessary to build the stadium, training facilities and related development; and he already has a certified environmental impact report for the site.” Look, Ma! An environmental impact report! You can practically smell the fondue cart in the concourse from here!

No, that’s not it, either… ah, here it is. You know Ed Roski is serious about building an NFL stadium because he’s asked City of Industry, CA, to fork over $820 million in property taxes for the project. Now it’s on.

There are teams still pressing their current municipalities for new playthings (Vikings and 49ers come to mind; the Redskins want a new house since they saw the Nationals got one, but they’re not getting much further than northern Virginia).

However, no one in the league seems too excited about filling L.A. After all, why take away the empty chair in Musical Blackmail? A team needs a place to threaten to move to, after all.

Also, City of Industry may be a fine town filled with numerous gentlemen’s establishments and, you know, industry. However, it’s a good hour or so from Los Angeles and the “Los Angeles Vikings of the City of Industry” will slow down wide receivers in their 40 times just from the weight of the lettering on their jerseys.

Most importantly, though, who exactly is clamoring for a Los Angeles NFL team? Recently, Henry Abbott of TRUEHOOP compared sports franchises to sailboats, positing that fans are the wind beneath the sailboat’s wings.

One could certainly suggest Los Angeles sports fans blow, but (as pointed out when discussed previously in this space when the plan was first suggested) that won’t provide the wind energy needed to get an NFL franchise moving.