Amid Bad Blood, Chiefs Release Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson didn’t want to be there. His coach, Todd Haley, didn’t want him to be there. The fans didn’t want him to be there. The ladies definitely didn’t want him to be there. And thus, the next course of action couldn’t have been clearer: According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, Johnson has been released from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Larry Johnson $300,000 watch
(That $300,000 watch might be getting pawned pretty soon.)

This likely comes as great news to the fans; as mentioned above, their vitriol for the outspoken halfback led them to create the most devastating of weapons, an INTERNET PETITION, to call for Johnson’s ouster or any other measure to keep Johnson from claiming the franchise rushing title. Even though the 80 yards Johnson needed would have taken him at least 3 games (because the Chiefs’ rushing game sucks out loud, you see), the fans’ wish has been granted.


The Chiefs released running back Larry Johnson on Monday, his first day back from a two-week suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Johnson called out coach Todd Haley two weeks ago in a Twitter post before using a pair of gay slurs on his Twitter profile and, a day later, to a group of reporters. He missed Sunday’s game at Jacksonville, and the suspension cost him about $330,000.

The suspension’s now going to cost Johnson a lot more than that; according to Adam Schefter, the hefty contract Johnson had is now an albatross around his neck when it comes to getting re-signed:

Any team claiming LJ would have to pay him $2.1 million in base salary and another 500k roster bonus. More likely, each team passes there.

Larry Johnson champagne bottle
(But now how are these ladies supposed to pop bottles? This is an outrage!)

No word on whether the NFLPA plans to file a grievance; we’re guessing they do so, but purely out of reflexive habit. I cut Deion Branch in my Madden 2010 franchise a couple weeks ago, and NFLPA director De Smith showed up at my house with a gun 15 minutes later.