American Troops In Iraq Recognize Golf Announcer Feherty From Video Game

DAVID FEHERTY’S LIFE CAN FIT INTO A SHINY, LITTLE BOX: USA TODAY has a cool recounting of a PGA Tour representatives visiting the troops in Iraq last month. Tom Watson and Tom Lehman were the headliners, but CBS announcer David Feherty probably scored the highest recog factor with the young soldiers.

David Feherty Tiger Woods PGA Tour Videogame

Excerpt: “The troops recognized Feherty — or at least his voice — because he does voiceovers on EA Sports’ Tiger Woods video game.“Feherty, who is from Ireland, had glowing praise for those videogame mavens: “(I was) stunned by the competence and intelligence of every single soldier we met. The smartest people America has are in Iraq.

That might be a little exaggeration, but if we hung around the people who came up with the FedEx Cup, we’d probably be saying the same thing.