American Soccer Team Ready For Road Game Against Mexico In Arizona

NEXT U.S. SOCCER AWAY GAME - AT ARIZONA: Good luck to the U.S. National Soccer Team tomorrow, when the Americans play a road game against Mexico - in Glendale, Arizona.

I like our chances, since you can’t deny the toughness of American mainstays like the newly-married Mr. Bianca Kajlich.

Landon Donovan Wedding

Why am I so confident? Consider Mr. Kajlich, who once told USA TODAY he didn’t want to go on the road to play soccer if it meant being away from his wife and “their dogs and cat and their new house … In-N-Out burgers, Cold Stone ice cream, ESPN’s SportsCenter, shopping malls and speaking English.

Mr. Bianca Kajlich

I can hear it now: “VIVA BIANCA!”