Ex-Wolverine Toomer Not So Tight w/Alma Mater

We’re not sure how tight Amani Toomer’s Super Bowl ring fits on his finger, but it has to be tighter than his relationship with alma mater Michigan.

Amani Toomer

MY TEAMS ARE CURSED tips us off to the DETROIT FREE PRESS holding a little Q&A with the Giants receiver. In the interview, Toomer tells of his strained relations with former college chums.

When asked if Lloyd Carr or any of his former U-M buddies congratulated him on his Super Bowl triumph, Toomer said no. In fact, Amani & his ex-coach have had little to say to each other in past years:

The last time I heard a word from Lloyd was when I was playing in a (Michigan) game; it was my last play of my senior year. I caught a touchdown from Brian Griese, and I was walking off the field and Lloyd looks at me, looks at Griese, looks at me again, and goes, ‘Good throw, Brian.’ And that’s the last thing he ever said in my direction.”

Amani Toomer Michigan Wolverines

As far as the rest of his Michigan mates, Toomer says, “Shoot, I don’t keep in touch with any of them.”

Toomer wishes he felt the same way about his alma mater that Giants co-receiver Plaxico Burress does about his own Big Ten program:

He loves Michigan State. They welcome him with open arms. I’m definitely kind of jealous about that.”

Wonder if Amani spent any of his Super Bowl bonus money on an Appalachian State shirt.

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