PETA Presents Amanda Beard Posing Nude Again

Not many people know that the original Olympics held in ancient Greece featured all-nude competitors. Unfortunately, all the nude runners & discus throwers were also all guys. Luckily, civilization has advanced enough to allow female athletes to also show off their Olympic sports prowess - and much, much more.

Not to be outdone by fellow Olympian Rebecca Romero riding naked for Powerade, Amanda Beard is once again baring it all, but for a nobler cause.

Amanda Beard Playboy photos

The stunning swimmer who previously did a nude spread for Playboy is sliding off her swimsuit once more - this time for the folks at PETA.

LARRY BROWN SPORTS splashes up the news that the animal rights group promises photos of Amanda posing sans swimwear in front of Beijing’s Olympic Water Cube. The alluring ad campaign is in protest to a scheduled fur fashion show that’s part of the Olympic pre-Games events.

Eva Mendes Charlotte Ross PETA poster headshots

PETA has been known in the past to push their animal rights agenda by featuring lovely ladies au naturale, such as Eva Mendes and NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross (links possibly NSFW). And producing such billboards of babes in the buff is just fine by us.