Amanda Beard Met Current Boy Toy On Photo Shoot

SI COLUMNIST OUTS BEARD BOYTOY; BREAKS JENN AGAIN? Arash Markazi’s SI-FanNation blog is fertile ground today. He’s got more on Amanda Beard - including details about her boytoy-of-the-moment, who is seven years her senior and met her on a photo shoot (imagine that!).

Amanda Beard

Despite Beard’s claim that he is a working photographer, we have our doubts, considering Beard’s reaction when asked by Markazi if she wanted him to do her Playboy shoot (she laughed). And the fact that the only public photos on his official portfolio site are of Beard.

Johnny Buss

From that description you might be a little confused - no, her boyfriend isn’t Johnny Buss (our favorite fake photographer out to mud-hook barely legal babes).

Johnnie Morton knocked out in MMA Bout

Markazi also reports Johnnie “Juiceman” Morton scored $100K at that L.A. MMA event two weeks ago, while Bernard Ackah, the last-minute replacement who spiked the former NFL receiver in 38 seconds, made just enough to cover his minibar bill ($5,000).Any finally Markazi himself steams up a photo booth with Jenn Sterger in this shot:

Jenn Sterger Arash Markazi

The Trojan-turned SI columnist was the man who first broke Sterger big, profiling her on (which directly led to her a landing nudie mag shoot and regular SI column).Looks to us like he may just have broken Jenn again.