Amanda Beard, John Salley Behind Mr. Buttwasher

We’ve uncovered some interesting photos of sports celebrities holding a toilet contraption being marketed by some site called MR. BUTTWASHER. The apparent endorsers include Olympic swimmer-turned-nudie model Amanda Beard:

Amanda Beard Buttwasher


John Salley and Rodney Peete also posed for piccies with the buttwashing mechanism, which is also called the “miracle toilet faucet.”

Rodney Peete Mr. Buttwasher

The premise behind the toilet tool is simple, says the website. It’s “a convenient, inexpensive, easy to install toilet accessory that cleans more thoroughly than tissue.” In other words, it gives your rear a swirly so you’ll avoid that not so fresh feeling.

John Salley uses star power to push buttwashing tool.

We’re wondering if the photos were some sort of ambush or if these guys are actually getting paid for a poor-man’s-bidet endorsement. We don’t know which is worse.

Other Mr. Buttwasher celebrity endorsers also somehow include Adrianne Curry, Paula Trickey, Julie McCullough and Marta McGonagle.

Get yours for the bargain-basement price of $97.50.

UPDATE: As suspected, we have been informed by the Miracle Faucet company that none of the celebrities above (including Amanda Beard) “endorse” the product. They merely “own” (read: were given) the product.