Amanda Beard Gets Hitched - Gets Pregnant, Too

Amanda Beard has accomplished a lot in her life. Olympic swimming champ. Nude Playboy model. Nude PETA spokesperson. Resistor of Michael Phelps’ charms (which can’t be said for Caroline Pal, Carrie Prejean, Stephanie Rice & Theresa White).

Amanda Beard bikini

And now Amanda can add two more notable achievements to her already impressive resume - wife & expecting mother. For you see, Ms. Beard spent her May Day tying the knot with Sacha Brown, her photographer boyfriend & wedgie wizard who proposed to her on Christmas morning. The ceremony was reportedly a low-key affair, mainly because most of the attendees didn’t have much to say - because they couldn’t speak English.

PEOPLE MAGAZINE explains that Beard & Brown got married on Wakatobi, an island group located just southeast of the Indonesian archipelago. Amanda described the nuptials as “stress-free and super low-key” - a brief sunset ceremony on a private beach with a local elder presiding while local villagers watched.

If the wedding was subdued, so was the reception - just steak, cake & Shirley Temples. Yep, no alcohol was to be seen. Some fun. But the bride had her reasons for laying off the liquor - she’s due to deliver a bouncing baby boy in September.

So, if she just got married a few days ago but will be giving birth in about four months, then that means … hmmm, I guess we know how the happy couple spent their Christmas evening.

Despite the specter of motherhood hanging over her head, Beard still plans to compete in the 2012 Games in London. And Amanda shouldn’t let her pregnancy put a pause on her media modeling career - just follow Demi Moore’s lead.