Amanda Beard Explains Posing Nude For PETA

Earlier this week, we learned that Amanda Beard would be baring it all again for a photo shoot, but instead of posing for Playboy, the Olympic swimmer would be showing skin for PETA. And lo & behold, here’s Amanda, in all her anti-fur glory:

Amanda Beard PETA ad Chicago Tribune

(Amanda’s au natural ad, as displayed on the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s site)

In following up on the fab photo, Dan Steinberg of the temporarily named BEIJING SPORTS SMOG caught up with Amanda to learn why she did the shoot, and why other athletes haven’t been as expressive in supporting controversial causes.

And it pretty much comes down to testicular fortitude. (A more detailed image of Beard’s provocative PETA ad is after the jump.)

First off, Amanda doesn’t want people to get the impression that she sheds her swimsuit at every single opportunity:

I’ve only done two things in my whole 26 years of life. I don’t think that’s THAT many. I guess I save it for special things, special events, things that I’m passionate about.

Although her nudie shoots have helped her appeal with the male 18-35 demographic, she says that’s not why she does it:

Like with Playboy, that was more of a personal reason. I wanted to do it, I thought it’d be fun and something I could look back on. And with PETA it was more for a good cause. And I’m not even really naked, I’m covering myself up, so I didn’t see all the fuss in that.

Amanda Beard naked PETA ad

Since it’s not much fuss, would Amanda encourage other Olympians (hopefully just the females) to lose their clothing for the cameras?

You know, I’m totally supportive of people who want to do what they want to do. Whether or not someone’s comfortable to get naked or not, I don’t care either way. It’s totally a personal opinion. I don’t really push my thoughts or opinions on people like that.

We, for one, gladly support the decisions of such athletes as Ashley Harkleroad, Victoria Pendleton & Rebecca Romero.

But why does it seem that Amanda appears to be the only one making some kind of political stand at these Summer Games?

I guess you’ve got to grow some balls and stand up for what you believe in sometimes.

That, and nobody wants to risk being carried away by Chinese authorities & disappear for 96 hours - if not longer.

Still, we admire Amanda’s alluring fortitude. You go, girl!