A&M Yell Leader: Joe Paterno On His “Deathbed”

KSAT-TV in San Antonio reports today that during an Alamo Bowl pep rally for both Penn State and Texas A&M last night, an “unidentified” Aggie yell leader (they don’t call them cheerleaders, for obvious reasons), said “Joe Paterno’s on his deathbed and someone needs to find him a casket.

Texas A&M Aggie Yell Leader

First off, JoePa can certainly find his own casket. What an insult!

KSAT also notes the million rounds of apologies from the A&M camp that followed: “Later in the evening, another Yell Leader appeared and apologized for the earlier comments. A&M sports information director Alan Cannon said a number of apologies have been issued to Penn State, KSAT 12’s Greg Simmons reported.Apologies came from Texas A&M President Ed Davis to the president of Penn State, an apology from A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne to his counterpart at Penn State as well as the wife of interim head coach Gary Darnell, who apologized to the wife of Joe Paterno.

Uh, did anyone apologize to Paterno himself?

A&M Vice President of Student Affairs Dean Bresciani said the Yell Leader had been sent home, presumably to help Dennis Franchione punch up editorial on the coach’s new website.