Blog-Some: Alyssa Milano Dodgers Merch. On Sale

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL saves a bundle, as L.A. Dodgers merchandise made by Alyssa Milano is going on sale.

Alyssa Milano Dodgers shirt

• Would you like to see the Kingdome collapse or Fulton County Stadium fall down all over again? BALLPARKS OF BASEBALL can help you out with their various video collections.

• USA TODAY’S GAME ON crunches the numbers, as a new poll reveals how far some baseball fans are willing to stretch the truth about attending Opening Day.

• BALLSIEST has the hair-raising news that, as evidenced in last night’s McDonald’s All-American Game, the high fade is making a comeback.

High fade haircut at McDonalds game

• Don’t quit your day job: CATS AND BEER wonders what the Sweet Sixteen coaches would be doing if they weren’t hanging around the hardwood.

• GREENSBORO SPORTS reports what happens when a minor league baseball team is trying to find a radio station to broadcast their games - they buy a country one and change the format, of course!

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE doesn’t understand why James Dolan is so determined to keep Isiah Thomas around.

Isiah Thomas James Dolan

• WLTX via PRO FOOTBALL TALK has the sad story of a small college NFL prospect found dead before the Draft.

• The AP via BREITBART.COM reports that the prime minister of Poland will not attend the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, due to the Chinese crackdown in Tibet.