Alyssa Milano Opens Citi Field Concession Stand

If you’ve ever shopped for women’s clothing at a baseball stadium, and I’m sure you have, you’ve undoubtedly come away unimpressed time and time again that the team store does not carry the latest celebrity fashions. For some reason, these stadium boutiques, or “team stores” as they’re called, are more interested in carrying such oddities as team jerseys, hats, and memorabilia. What’s a fashionable young woman to do?

Citi Field

Lucky for Mets fans, famous worldwide as trendy fashionistas, there is now an alternative to uncouth, appropriately-colored team apparel. This afternoon, actress and known baseball groupie Alyssa Milano was on hand at Citi Field to open the first boutique store of her “touch” MLB-themed clothing line.

Milano, known for such television tours-de-force as Who’s The Boss and Charmed and for sleeping with such baseball tours-de-force as Brad Penny and Carl Pavano, began her “touch” line of MLB apparel in 2007 after realizing that women will wear any pink article of clothing with a baseball logo on it. What makes Milano qualified to be a baseball fashion expert? Well, just check out her bona fides as described in today’s NEW YORK NEWSDAY:

She called an iPhone feature that allows her to listen to radio broadcasts of major league teams “the greatest invention ever,” and has a blog where she riffs on everything from the success of Padres pitcher Chris Young to “Opening Day and other Mumblings.”

Great, she has an iPhone and a blog. I’ve got those credentials down pat; all I need to do now is sleep with a couple of crappy pitchers and I’ll be well on my way to achieving my lifelong dream — opening a Kauffman Stadium boutique specializing in MLB-themed athletic supporters.