Falcons Player Not Named Michael Vick Cleared of Animal Cruelty Charges

FALCONS PLAYER CLEARED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES: An Atlanta Falcons player has been cleared of animal abuse charges. As the folks at Fark would say, “No, not *that* guy, the other guy.”

Jonathan Babineaux Falcons

ESPN reports that Jonathan Babineaux is now off the hook for killing his girlfriend’s dog. The Gwinnett County DA dropped the charges following an investigation into the pit bull’s death.Babineaux was arrested in February after police found the dog in “severe physical distress“. The defensive lineman said he was acting in self-defense for himself and his 5-month-old child.

The investigation confirmed that the pit bull had a history of unprovoked attacks, even as the dog had been neutered, put on prozac, sent to a trainer, and kept on a leash.

Michael Vick holding dog

We’re sure some of Babineaux’s teammates could have taken care of the meddlesome mutt.