Pole Vaulter Allison Stokke Attracting Plenty Of Attention

THAT’S ALISON WITH ONE L, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SIRS: OK, this Allison Stokke thing is getting serious. Last weekend the Yahoo Buzz index had her as its top feature:

Allison Stokke Yahoo Buzz Index

And a new photo of Stokke surfaces - with no doubt a cast-signing line now forming:

Allison Stokke Photos

Alright, here’s one more:

Allison Stokke Photos

You got me, one more:

Allison Stokke

Of course, rumors (likely unfounded) are already circulating about Stokke. One claims that she is getting married soon. Obviously the commenter is unaware that she hails from Newport Beach.

Here is Stokke’s purported myspace account (last login 9/8/06 - so it’s probably legit). And apparently she spells her first name with one “l”:

Alison Stoke Myspace Account

Meanwhile, TOP CELEBRITY BLOG coolly breaks down at base what those on the internet really think of the High School hottie (see tags):

Allison Stokke Photos

That’s the hottest “decent looking” female I’ve ever seen.