Allen Gets Viking Ship Tattoo - No, Not That Ship

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen recently acquired a gigantic new tattoo that covers his back and sides with the words, “Embrace Conflict”.  The tat also features hugging skeletons and viking ships.

Vikings Tattoo

Allen wasn’t a member of the purple and gold in 2005, but fans will recall one ship in particular that year with some bone hugging going on with their favorite team.  Allen talks about his ink after the jump.

According to TWINCITIES.COM:

 ”I’m half Norwegian, and when the Vikings went to battle, they lit their ships on fire because there was no retreat,” Allen explained. “You embrace the down times, you embrace challenges, you embrace adversity — you don’t run from it,” he said. “Embrace it, do something about it. It’s kind of my whole thing, accept all challenges, welcome all challenges.”

Apparently one of those challenges is driving under the influence, which Allen has accepted and been charged with three times.  As for the tattoo, the ink took 15 hours over two sessions to apply.