Alleged Tiger Mistress On Video In NYC ‘Brothel’?

George Rush and Joanna Molloy of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, who along with Mike Jaccarino and Samuel Goldsmith of the same outlet first revealed alleged Tiger Woods mistress Cori Rist, report they’ve seen video of “a woman resembling Rist” inside a New York City brothel.

Cori Rist Pics Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

We’ve seen the video. In it, (former pimp Jason) Itzler greets a man who looks like (Rist’s husband Neil) Santos and a woman resembling Rist (though she has darker hair). Rist and Santos are said to have walked into the Worth St. brothel when filmmaker Ron Sperling was shooting a reality show about Itzler’s operation.

“She’s an escort with the permission of her husband,” Itzler says on camera. He also tells the couple: “Our normal rate is $800 an hour. Hers could be $1,000 an hour if she wants it to be.”

Director Sperling later told the Daily News that he remembered, “a woman named Cori being there with her husband when Jason was trying to get some more escorts to go to a bachelor party.”

The lawyer for Rist, Brad Conway, “declined to comment on the video.

Before this latest New York Daily News tidbit about Rist, the NEW YORK POST published an on the record account from a woman, Michelle Braun, who claimed she helped hire prostitutes for Woods. After the Post report, FOX NEWS looked into the possibility that Woods could be investigated by law enforcement for patronizing prostitutes:

If (New York madam Michelle) Braun’s allegations (in New York Post) are true, the golf-great could be in serious legal trouble, New York City-based attorney Tom Kenniff tells

“He could be charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor in New York,” Kennif said. “Depending on the statute of limitations, if there are witnesses swearing out statements, and there is a money trail that can be corroborated, it’s a reasonable likelihood” that Woods could be charged.

If convicted, Woods could face up to a year in jail, Kennif said.

Alicia Maxey Greene, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, declined’s request for comment about whether Woods could be charged, or about any potential investigation.

The new information about “a woman resembling Rist” being spotted on video inside a New York brothel continues to add to the possibility that Woods may have used prostitutes.

I can’t imagine New York authorities would have much appetite in going after Woods for possible crimes committed, but if high-profile reports of this nature continue to surface, you wonder how much longer they’ll be able to ignore it.