Alleged Mistress’ Ex: ‘Wire Transfers’ From Woods

Cori Rist said this morning on NBC’s Today she had a 2 1/2 year affair with Tiger Woods. The single mother also claimed she was coming forward now to deny she was a prostitute and protect her seven-year-old son.

Cori Rist Pics Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

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Rist said she first met Woods in 2006 at a NYC club when an associate of Woods invited her over to the golfer’s table for a drink. Like other alleged Woods mistresses, Rist said that the golfer was only in his marriage for appearances.

“He was not happy at home with his wife. He would stay there because she was pregnant, and they were expecting their first child. Because of his reputation and the image that he has, he had to uphold that.

“According to him, things were rough and they were going to separate. He said, ‘We’re on the outs,’ but she was pregnant, and they had to get through that.”

Rist said she was coming forward now to deny reports that she was a prostitute - and for the well-being of her seven-year-old son. On Sunday, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports “a woman resembling Rist” was seen on video inside a New York City brothel.

Cori Rist Pics Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Hooters Girl

What wasn’t mentioned during Rist’s appearance on NBC this mornign is that she’s currently in a court battle with her ex-husband over the custody of her child.

Last week the NEW YORK POST reported that Rist’s ex-husband Neil Santos, “cited her frequent trips out of town as a prime cause for the break-up of their six-year marriage.

Cori Rist Pics Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Hooters Girl

In the interview with NBC, Rist denied going on trips to meet with Woods, nor taking money from him. But Santos told the Post six days ago, “I have wire transfers [of money] from Tiger to Cori.

Santos also said he planned to head to Manhattan Family Court early to ask a judge to immediately award him custody of his son with Rist. In fact, a Family Court hearing in their dispute had been scheduled for next week even before news of her alleged affair with Woods came to light, sources told The Post.

So now we know that Rist was previously fighting over custody of her son, and now her ex-husband apparently plans to attempt to use her alleged tryst - and evidence of her as an escort - as leverage to pry their child away from her.

You think Santos’ actions and claims to the Post - along with the NYDN report yesterday - had something to do with Rist going on NBC this morning to say that she was going public for the sake of the welfare of her son?

During the interview, a sobbing Rist said how sorry she was for causing Elin Nordegren pain. But considering Rist said nothing until, apparently, she was facing the prospect of losing the custody of her son in a court fight with her ex-husband, what does that do to the credibility of her contrition?

Most importantly, will Rist’s ex-husband Santos present his alleged money wire transfers from Woods to Rist to a New York judge in his custody battle with Rist? And if it turns out he does have legit evidence that Woods paid Rist, would that constitute the golfer patronizing a prostitute - which I would think would interest local law enforcement.

I’m still dubious that could happen considering Santos must’ve had the wire transfer records for some time and has yet to present them publicly anywere. But if he didn’t have the wire transfers, why on earth would he tout them to the NY Post while trying to get custody of the couple’s child?