Alleged Emails: Shaq & NBA Baller’s Baby Momma

Yesterday I noted how was once again reporting that Shaquille O’Neal was have an extramarital affair. (His wife Shaunie recently filed for divorce.) The same site in November reported that Shaq had sex with the fiancee and mother of Gilbert Arenas‘ children.

Shaq emails LaTosha Lee Cheats On His Wife

This time accuses Shaq of having sex *shudder* with the girlfriend and baby momma of Minnesota Timberwolves player Damien Wilkins. Similar to the Arenas report, the website has what it claims is an email exchange between Shaq and Wilkins’ girlfriend, a “stripper from Atlanta” named LaTosha Lee.

The documentation also includes a plane ticket claims Lee purchased to visit Shaq in Orlando to facilitate one of their trysts.

The email back-and-forth is garden variety stuff between a guy trying to keep his jumpoff close enough to be on-call for insta-sex, but far away for every other occasion. Textbook.

You get Shaq sending sex messages *shudder* and the “stripper from Atlanta” interjecting with requests for merchandise and fascinating tales of what her baby - via Wilkins - wore for Halloween.

There’s also some delightful faux protestation from O’Neal as he accuses Lee of only contacting him when she wants him to buy her something.

This is now the second time has produced emails and other documentation that suggest Shaq was having an affair. In the first case, with Gilbert Arenas‘ fiancee Laurie Govan, O’Neal and his legal team had no response.

Do you think they’ll respond to this accusation?