Alleged 4th Tiger Woods’ Affair Details Published

Sunday’s edition of the LONDON DAILY MIRROR has an account of an alleged affair between Tiger Woods and Jamie Jungers (photos). The Mirror’s Graeme Culliford and Annette Witheridge report:

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

The predatory golfer had been ­married just nine months when he seduced 26-year-old model Jamie, above, at a Las Vegas party. Over the next 18 months they met for sex in his California pad surrounded by wedding ­pictures of shameless Woods and his new bride.

The revelation comes as sources in Vegas, where Woods lived a parallel life of sex and sleaze in complete contrast to his Mr Clean public image, said the golfer was a sex addict who relentlessly pursued women.

The apparent main source for the story is 28-year-old “businessman” Derek Schmidt, who claims he was engaged to Jungers at the time that Woods met his ex-fiancee and later pursued a sexual relationship with her.

Details of alleged affair between Tiger Woods and Jamie Junger released

“I was surprised because I knew he was married and I didn’t think he was that type of guy. But I trusted Jamie. We had been engaged for over a year then – having first started dating in 2002 – and were head over heels in love.

“She showed me Tiger’s number and we both called it, putting her mobile on speaker phone. I still ­remember his answer machine message. It said, ‘You’ve called the right person at the wrong time. Please leave a ­message’.

“I thought that was pretty cool. I put his number in my phone and took it to work to show my ­colleagues. I played them all the same answer phone message. I had no idea my fiancée had slept with him the previous night. Now I feel like a total idiot.”

Woods allegedly first met Jungers at the Bellagio in Vegas, having one of his bodyguards summon her to his VIP table. He later allegedly hooked up with her at his “$5,000 a night” MGM Grand Mansion hotel room.

For the next 18 months, Jungers allegedly traveled to L.A. for trysts with Woods.

Meanwhile, Schmidt claims he didn’t have a clue about the affair between Woods and his former fiancee, and didn’t find out about it until after he himself split with Jungers in 2007 because of her “vanity and partying.

It’s not made clear in the Mirror piece how exactly Schmidt found out about the affair. Be it from news reports, Mirror reporters or another source.

In the aftermath, Schmidt added: “I think Tiger is a great ­competitor on the golf course, but away from it he is a horrible person. He should have more respect for himself and his family. I am certainly not a fan of his any more.”

The thing that makes this story credible is Schmidt going on the record about the affair. Though Schmidt didn’t confirm that he knew an affair was going on, apparently the Mirror has confirmation of that fact via anonymous sources. It appears the Mirror had a strong indication that Jungers and Woods had a sexual relationship and then confirmed that they spent time together through Schmidt. But that’s not made clear in the story.

While I don’t deny that Woods could’ve had an affair with Jungers, I don’t think this account is going to do that much further damage to Woods. There’s not enough detail to warrant the main media to go crazy over it. There needs to be another smoking gun piece of evidence before this story will truly be re-ignited worldwide.