All Starbury, All The Time. No Really, ALL The Time

Stephon Marbury is a weird dude. That much is hardly news, of course, but with that curious meltdown and subsequent release by the Knicks, his return in a backup role with the Celtics, and his relentless self-promotion, it seems like he’s in a world by himself of creating the insignificant sound and fury.

Starbury Capture
(You like this hoodie, don’t you? Starbury knows you like it. Don’t fight it.)

He has not only topped himself, but maybe the rest of the NBA with his latest self-promotional move, though. Starting at 6 a.m. this morning, Marbury has started a live stream of himself on the Internet, one that he says is going to last for 24 hours straight.

You can access the feed here, and he’s really just talking about everything. In the five minutes I watched, he showed off patterns of clothing he’s planning to sell in his stores that will be “popping up all over America,” he just blurted out Hakeem Olajuwon for no reason, he sang for a little bit, then boasted that he’ll never go bankrupt. All in five. minutes. You should be watching this right now.

He’s also interacting with fans via his @starburymarbury twitter account, which is linked to the stream somehow. I don’t pretend to know how that all works.

Other twitterers following the madness like @russbengtson are trying - futilely - to quote Marbury and keep him in context, which is hard when gems like these come out:

“I’m not fightin’ with my hands, I’m fightin’ with my mind.”


“I had to hold my breath for 14 years, but it’s cool!”

Seriously. This is happening now and all day and it’s one of the most surreal things in the history of sports on the Internet. Stop what you’re doing, call in sick (hey Brooks: cough cough, I gotta go), and strap in for the ride of your life.