All But Official: McNair’s Death A Murder-Suicide

Before we can spend time mourning a celebrity, or appreciating their life’s work, we obsess over the circumstances of their death, especially if they were as young as Steve McNair. Now at least we can put one question to rest.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Police are set to announce today that McNair was killed by 20-year old Sahel “Jenny” Kazemi, who then turned the pistol on herself. Once the autopsies are completed, they’ll officially be able to classify the deaths. But it’s clear already.

McNair was found yesterday morning with multiple gunshot wounds. His companion, Kazemi, had a single gunshot wound to the head, and the murder weapon was found next to her body. From that alone, the first cop on the scene was probably able to call it.

A spokesman for the Nashville police said they are not actively looking for suspects, and that they’ll make their conclusions later today after autopsies are performed. So they’ve made up their minds already.

It’s dangerous for a professional athlete to mess around, like McNair was likely doing with a 20-year-old girl he met waitressing at Dave & Buster’s. There’s disease, there’s divorce (Mechelle McNair hadn’t seen her husband in two days before Saturday), and the omnipresent danger of the psycho girlfriend. Hopefully this will cause other athletes to take a look at the people they hang around with. They feel invincible on the field, but that doesn’t carry over to their personal life.

Murder-suicides are an intensely selfish act - it says, essentially, “if I can’t have you, no one can.” - but it seems somehow ever more selfish when the victim is such a public figure, beloved by a community. McNair wasn’t just taken away from his family; this weekend, all of Nashville is mourning.