Blog Jam: Alicia Sacramone Gets Hero’s Welcome

• The WALTHAM DAILY NEWS TRIBUNE vaults up news of Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone receiving a hero’s welcome from the proud citizens of her Massachusetts hometown.

Alicia Sacramone

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• CAT CRAVE claws up a nice chat with Panthers RB Stephen Davis.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED knows not many tennis players have their own theme song, but Venus Williams now does, thanks to Wyclef Jean.

• Orange you glad to see Maria Sharapova in a new citrus-themed fashion creation? MADAME DIOR certainly is.

• DEADSPIN congratulates the first inductee into their prized Hall of Fame: Buzz Bissinger.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH wonders what would happen if Gary Glitter tried to leap at the chance to meet the Chinese women’s gymnastics team.

• To celebrate his career revival in Italy, SEATOWN SPORTS slams down video of Shawn Kemp’s top 10 dunks.

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