Algerian Basketball Player Makes 47000 Dollars Worth Of Calls With North Dakota School Calling Card

MAYBE HE WAS JUST ORDERING BURKAS FOR HIS G-FRIEND? Strange story out of North Dakota today, as the BISMARCK TRIBUNE reports that the North Dakota College Of Science is facing a $47,000 phone bill rung up by a former basketball player at the school.

Phil Jackson North Dakota Basketball

The former player, Algerian Touhomi Ghazoul, is “accused of using a school-issued calling card for unauthorized calls“. The Algerian made 395 calls to several countries over a two month period at $9.80 per minute. In one day during the billing period, he made 23 international calls.More: “Ghazoul had strict instructions to use the (calling card) number only to ‘check in’ while the player was at a basketball camp in Oklahoma, and he was to destroy the number when he returned to Wahpeton (ND).

The best part: After the school reported the calling card charges to the National Junior College Athletic Association in September, “the NJCAA ruled the Wildcats ineligible for the postseason this year and Ghazoul was indefinitely barred from competition.

We can’t decide what’s most indicative of mental illness:

1) A tiny North Dakota school giving a stray Algerian a basketball scholarship
2) A basketball coach giving a stray Algerian an international calling card to “check in” from Oklahoma
3) A stray Algerian make 395 international calls in two months at $10 per minute
4) Sitting and watching Colin Cowherd’s AM radio show webcam (yes, there actually is one):

Colin Cowherd Woman Trapped Inside Man's Body