Black Mambas Frequently Make Her Heart Flutter

Kobe Bryant pimped his latest Nike shoe today on Fox Business Channel, and his intro of the “Nike Zoom III” sneaker was a double entendre delight.

Kobe Bryant Alexis Glick

Bryant: “(The shoe is) patterned after a black mamba – a snake – but it’s also a nickname of mine.

Shouldn’t that have been, “it’s patterned after a black mamba, a snake of mine“? (ok, maybe not).

At the end of the interview, Fox Business’ hottie host Alexis Glick said to Bryant, “You’re a great guy and you’re so handsome. Oh my goodness, I’m seriously blushing.

The best thing about the black mamba? Bryant gave the nickname to himself. And it sounds as if Ms. Glick wants him to give it to her (obvious and crude. we apologize to Ms. Glick).