Alexis Barbara photos no longer with Mark Philippousis in NBC dating show

MANWHORE MARK FINDS HIS CALLING IN REALITY DATING: THE BIG LEAD @ AOL FANHOUSE reports Mark Philippoussis is trading his tennis racket for the dating show racket, as he’s scheduled to star in a new NBC reality series.

Last that was heard of Marky P, he was dating model Alexis Barbara:

Alexis Barbara photos

But apparently they weren’t a good match. He was also game with Paris Hilton at one point (and is currently set at 139th in the conjugal visit line).

Mark’s latest project, tentatively titled ‘The Age of Love’ promises to be a ‘Bachelor’ ripoff -esque series with a ‘twist’ - half of the competing women are in their 20s and half in their 40s. Shocking!

But not as shocking as double-faulting on this:

Alexis Barbara photo