Alex Rodriguez Spotted At Swingers Club In Dallas As Early As 2004

RODRIGUEZ AFTER “MILF AND NOOKIE” AS EARLY AS 2004: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS slips in a note about how ARod made up with wife Cynthia late last week after the news of his alleged infidelity with a post-op transvestite New York woman: “the Yankees $252 million man made nice with his wife, Cynthia - spending $6,000 on diamond necklaces for her.

Alex Rodriguez Iniquity Swingers Club

More interesting from the Daily News is that Rodriguez was first spotted with the blonde woman, Joslyn Morse, two years ago at a Dallas “swingers” club called Iniquity.

Sure enough, the DALLAS OBSERVER reports that Rodriguez had visited the swingers club as early as 2004 while on road trips with the Yankees (who knows how many times when he played for the Rangers?!).