Alex Cora Jailed Thanks To ‘99 Florida DUI Charge

The PALM BEACH POST reports this week that Boston Red Sox infielder Alex Cora “was booked into the Martin County jail Wednesday on a charge of failure to appear in court for a probation violation connected to a 1999 DUI charge.

Alex Cora mugshot

Vero Beach police arrested Cora for DUI in 1999, “after they said he smelled of alcohol and failed field sobriety tests.” He “pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to probation.”

But Cora then made a mistake that caused him to turn himself into Martin County authorities earlier this week.

Excerpt: “According to court records, he later failed to appear in court on a probation violation connected to the case. Arrest records show Cora turned himself in on Wednesday and was released after he posted $20,000 bond.

The BOSTON HERALD has Cora’s side of the story: “According to a source close to Cora, the 32-year-old believed that the matter, which occurred when he was with the Dodgers, had been fully resolved no later than 2000. In the process of completing a legal transaction in Florida earlier this week, Cora’s name popped up on a computer, and he discovered that it was not settled.

Our named has “popped up into the computer” at the DMV because of unpaid parking tickets, but a DUI probation violation festering for seven years that might cause us to go inside is a slightly different.

This is the Dodgers last year in Vero Beach (sad, we know), and if for some reason the Red Sox played L.A. there, Cora might’ve been cuffed. But we’d say jail time looming anywhere in the lower 48 would’ve had us doing the same thing as the utility man.