Alabamas Tricky Nick Saban Lies In Wait For Top College Football Recruits

Is this a face you can trust?

If you’re a hot-shot high school recruit, apparently the answer is “Yes.”

After visiting Tricky Nick in Tuscaloosa, Tampa Plant High quarterback Robert Marve, one of the South’s most heralded players, told BAMAONLINE.COM: “Coach Saban and I talked and it went really well. He was straightforward and honest. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything and he just told me how it was going to be with him.

“Coach Saban said I was the guy and he loved my film. He wants to build the class around me on the offensive side.”

Sure he does. I mean, Nick wouldn’t lie….would he?

You be the judge: Seven days after Marve - who considered himself a “soft commitment” to the Tide - made his comments, another QB, San Antonio Churchill’s Nick Fanuzzi, pledged to Saban.

And you’ll probably be shocked to learn that, according what Fanuzzi said, “They were very excited because I was their guy.”

Okay, so these kids aren’t exactly rocket scientists. But then again, neither is this guy.