Alabama Fans Mad At Police For Arresting Player

CRIMSON TIDE FANS TURNING RED AT THE THIN BLUE LINE: Some Alabama fans are upset about the latest arrest of a Crimson Tide football player. However, their anger isn’t directed at the guilty party, but at the police:

Tuscaloosa Police Dept.

The TUSCALOOSA NEWS reports Tide fans lighting up sports radio phone lines and internet forums railing against the Tuscaloosa Police Department over the arrest of Simeon Castille.

The 21-year-old cornerback was taken in after holding up traffic and shouting obscenities at 2 a.m. back on August 19. His court date is scheduled for September 26.

Alabama fans

Over on the TIDESPORTS.COM forums, the ‘Bama faithful believe the cops went too far. One poster noted, “[I]t was just college kids being stupid. He [Castille] should have been scolded and sent home as well as anyone else in that situation.”

Another fan claiming to be a local attorney called the arrest “a huge abuse of police power,” saying that the cops could have just told Castille to “move along.”

Some even think there’s conspiracy afoot. Tuscaloosa mayor Walt Maddox received an e-mail questioning his loyalty to the local school, based on his choice of clothing:

Tuscaloosa mayor

In your picture from the city Web site you look like you have on an Auburn tie Mr. Mayor. Do you?