Alabama Credit Card Claim Freaks Out Lawyer

Generally, when someone is under oath in a court of law and avows that she was given use of a credit card to steer her son to play for a specific college football team, that’s bad news bears. NCAA commences frowning, heads roll, etc.

Dominic Lee

But when that same person’s own lawyer backtracks on those statements in the middle of the trial and starts making unequivocal denials, well, it may be time to find some grains of salt and take them liberally. Case in point: Robin Lee Jones.

Jones was just convicted for theft after usage of an unauthorized credit card was discovered through her job at Barber Dairy Company. She got the idea to blame it on the Alabama football team, and all hell broke loose:

Although the mother of a former University of Alabama football player told a judge that she was allowed to use a company credit card in exchange for steering her son to play for the Crimson Tide, her attorney said Friday that there’s no way the school had any idea of her claims or knew anything about it.

‘There’s not one iota of proof,’ attorney Earnest Wright of Birmingham said. ‘No court in America could say that Alabama was involved.’

Yes, it’s never a very good sign when you tell a judge something, and your advocate strains himself trying to more completely disown your comments.

Jones got four years for her card use, which eventually led to over a quarter-million dollars in charges between her and her brother (sentenced to 23 months). Among the terms of their punishment is restitution fees of that missing $256,963, which we’re sure they’ll get paid off in a month or two.

So fear not, ‘Bama fan, and our sincerest condolences to the rest of the SEC who wanted so desperately to believe that Nick Saban had finally been outed as the damned crook they’re all sure he is. Even if the claim were true - and remember, the claimant’s own attorney, a South Carolina alumnus, called BS - it was so far in the past that Mike Price was still the coach when her son, Dominic Lee, committed.

But again - it probably isn’t true. It was just a woman grasping at anything to stay out of prison, the truth be damned.