Alabama Coach Saban Says South Florida Players Rejects From Other Schools

SABAN QUESTIONS QUALITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA STARTERS: The South Florida Bulls are currently the talk of the college football world. But not all of it is glowing - especially from Nick Saban:

Nick Saban South Florida football

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports how the Alabama coach is trying to burst the 6th-ranked Bulls’ bubble, based on comments he made questioning the quality of its players.

Saban said that USF’s roster is comprised of players that couldn’t qualify at other schools, claiming that “six guys starting on South Florida’s defense probably could have gone to Florida or Florida State, but Florida and Florida State couldn’t take them. And if you do a good job of recruiting that way…

Bulls coach Jim Leavitt was taken aback by Saban’s slings, calling the comments “a knock on our program.” Mike Jenkins finds the accusations ironic, as the USF cornerback actually turned down a scholarship offer from Saban when he was at LSU.

Center Nick Capogna was more straighforward to challenge Saban’s claims: “I got a good SAT score, had a good GPA in high school. If he wants to look at transcripts, I’ll give him mine gladly.”

South Florida Auburn

It sounds strange that an Alabama coach would be berating a school that earlier beat hated rival Auburn. Then again, it might just be a case of Saban’s sour grapes with the Sunshine State, as his Crimson Tide got rolled by the Seminoles and flushed out of the Top 25.

But Nick is a man who stays true to his words. Just ask the Miami Dolphins.