Al Stokke Asks Woman Do You Place A Pole Between Your Legs

AL STOKKE: “DO YOU PLACE A POLE BETWEEN YOU LEGS?” Conor Izzet of OC WEEKLY has this wonderfully ironic quote from Al Stokke, the dad of pole vaulter Allison Stokke: “Do you place a pole between your legs and go up and down?”

Allison Stokke

Izzet reports Lawyer Stokke “asked the above of a stripper named Lucy during the trial of Irvine police officer David Alex Park, who pulled her over in the early-morning hours, and, well, ejaculated on her.

Stokke also served as defense attorney in the infamous Haidl Three gang rape case, in which an unconscious 16-year-old girl was gang raped and prodded with foreign objects of varying size and shape. In that case, our R. Scott Moxley reported that Stokke argued, ‘There’s [no pain] that is felt because she was unconscious.’

A man who has repeatedly tried to shift the blame of sexual assault onto the victims has a daughter who is now being perved over by millions of guys on the Internet.

So here’s the last (hopefully) word on Al Stokke’s life’s work: Defending convicted gang rapists, convicted child rapists and getting a cop who *allegedly* ejaculated on a woman off (no pun), despite DNA evidence:

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

Great Job!™, Al!