Al Davis Ready To Make Kiffin Walk The Plank

For most NFL teams, the start of a new football season means faith, hope and optimism. If the Giants can win the Super Bowl, anything is possible. But the Raiders aren’t most teams. A new season means one thing: time for owner/legend/the walking dead Al Davis to start thinking about firing the head coach.

Lane Kiffin Al Davis

And that’s just what the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS is reporting the Raiders are planning on doing to former wunderkind Lane Kiffin, perhaps as early as Monday (regardless of if they beat the Chiefs today). For any other team, looking at firing your coach one week into the season would be lunacy. For the Raiders, it’s simply par for the course.

Shockingly, this would only be the second time in Davis’ 46 years with the Raiders that he’s fired a coach in-season. But at this point, it’s a seeming inevitability. Davis already demanded Kiffin’s resignation last season before backing down, and the “head coach” has seemingly lost the ability (or interest) in having anything to do with the defense.

But according to Davis, the real reason he’s ready to fire Kiffin is simple:

In a conversation about Coach Lane Kiffin in mid-August, Raiders owner Al Davis said, “He’s not the guy I hired.”

Which is absolutely true. When Kiffin was hired back in January 2007, he was a bright 31-year-old with lots of energy and ambition. After a season-plus with the Raiders, he’s a bitter, beaten-down 33-year-old waiting for the ax to fall. The difference is clear.

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