Al Davis Not Retiring Until Raiders Win Two Super Bowls

DAVIS THINKS RAIDERS CAN WIN TWO MORE SUPER BOWLS: The latest sign that Al Davis is slipping further into senility - he says he’s not leaving the Raiders until they win two Super Bowls:

Al Davis Darth Vader

Sid Hartman of The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE caught up with the sepuganarian owner, as he sat in the Metrodome on Sunday to watch his Silver & Back get shellacked by the Vikings.During yet another loss, Davis told Hartman that he won’t retire until a couple more Lombardi Trophies are sitting on his mantelpiece.


Al also says he’s happy with Daunte Culpepper but not happy with the team’s 2-8 record. Better get your resume ready, Lane Kiffin.

Al Davis Randy Moss

Regrets? He’s had a few. But Davis only mentions trading away receiver Randy Moss, and it wasn’t even his original idea, claiming some coaches “convinced” him to go through with it.With this latest round of nonsensical nagging, you’d think Al had shared a few hits with Randy before the flanker flew off to the Patriots. The real Black Hole doesn’t reside in McAfee Coliseum, but sits between Davis’ ears.