A.J. Feeley Has A Stalker To Go With Hot Fiancee

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback A.J. Feeley has a pretty sweet life. Since he’s the third-string quarterback in Philadelphia he never really has to worry about seeing the field outside of the preseason, and is basically paid to hold a clipboard and not get booed. His reward for all this? Well, besides the money he’s making, he’s also engaged to female soccer star Heather Mitts.

Heather Mitts AJ Feeley

Not bad.

Of course, not everybody is aware of the fact that A.J. has got himself a lady. Or maybe they are and just don’t care. For instance, let’s take a look at 39-year old Ayesha Muzaffar who lives in the same condo complex as Feeley in Philadelphia. Heather Mitts or no Heather Mitts, nothing will get in the way of Muzaffar (sounds like a Disney villain doesn’t it?) and her love for her A.J. Well, nothing except maybe the police.


A 39-YEAR-OLD woman who lives in the same condo building as Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley has been arrested and charged with stalking and harassing him. Ayesha Muzaffar is charged with two misdemeanors for which she faces a hearing May 15 in Common Pleas Court, according to criminal-court records. Muzaffar was arrested on similar charges in 2001, records show.

Sources tell us Muzaffar is believed to have stuffed sexually charged notes under Feeley’s door in the Metro Club Condos (201 N. 8th). Asked if the harassment was of a sexual nature, Police Sgt. Ray Evers said he “can’t get into all that.” Evers, who wouldn’t confirm that Feeley was the complainant, said the notes were not “sports- related.”

“I can’t get into the particulars because it’s an ongoing legal matter now,” said Feeley in a text message yesterday. “Scary though,” he added.

Man, this A.J. Feeley has some nerve, doesn’t he? How many men out there wish that women would swing by their place and slide notes under the door with sexually charged messages? I’ll tell you - all of them. (I mean, except for me. I love you, sweetie!)

Yet here he goes and has the girl arrested. What a douche.

Has pornography taught him nothing? Here he has a threesome just waiting to happen and he’s having her locked up. No wonder he’ll never get another chance to start. It’s clear he’s a horrible decision-maker.

Oh hey, look!  Heather Mitts!

Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts