AJ Disliked Everywhere, But Especially in Minny

You’d think Twins fans would think a little more fondly of former catcher A.J. Pierzynski, even if he does now play for a division rival. After all, he played hard for six years in Minnesota, and it’s not like he left - he was traded. Even better, he was traded for Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser. They should be throwing this guy dual parades in the respective downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. But nope. If it were up to Twins fans, they’d name their new stadium “A.J. Pierzynski Should F**k Off And Die In A” Field.

AJ PIerzynski Poll

(Showing more exciting out-of-town games sadly not an option.)

As you can see from the poll on the STAR TRIBUNE’s website, fans still carry a torch for ol’ A.J. A torch, in the “villagers storming Castle Frankenstein” sense. The news today actually has nothing to do with Pierzynski, but rather to do with the new stadium’s scoreboard. But when you carry an eternal, unquenchable hatred for a man who dared to only hit .301 and lead the team to two division titles, everything has to do with A.J. Pierzynski. The paper made the mistake of letting fans vote on what the best use of the scoreboard would be. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: democracy just doesn’t work–after the jump.)

You’d think that the best thing for Minnesotans about Target Field, set to open in 2010, is that it kept their team from being contracted. But the obsession seems to be with the scoreboard:

The centerpiece of the integrated system is a high-definition video display that will measure about 101 feet wide by 57 feet high, which will make it the fourth-largest scoreboard in the majors, the team said at a news conference this morning. By comparison, the current Metrodome scoreboard is 34 feet wide by 19 feet high.

Fourth largest? Whoo-hoo! We’re #4! We’re #4!

Now, that’s a lot of room, much more than the Twins will need to show replays of endless push bunts and Ron Gardenhire walking to the mound. What else could the scoreboard could be used for? If you said “Replays of A.J. Pierzynski bloopers,” congratulations! You’re a cold, bitter Twins fan, and you’re in the majority!

The eternal A.J. tribute video idea is currently leading the (light-years more sensible, some might say) idea to post traffic updates, but maybe not for long. I can totally picture A.J. sitting in front of his computer right now, frantically voting over and over again. After all, we know how techno-savvy he is.

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