Aisle 1 Of Bad Idea Dept.: Pau Gasol Impersonator

Career in crisis? No career? Homeless? Could be worse. You could be this guy:

Pau Gasol Impersonator

Yes, someone named Michael Fanter decided that perhaps wearing that stormtrooper suit on Hollywood Blvd. wasn’t the way to get ahead in show business.

Pau Gasol Impersonator

So he’s turned to wandering around Staples Center before games attempting to steal some double-takes. Along with offering his services as a Pau Gasol impersonator for your next office function.

Apparently he did fool these ladies before a Lakers game, for about 15 seconds.

But much like discovering the hairpiece of a prospective boyfriend, the ladies were soon seen cautiously backing away.

White Kobe

In fairness, Fanter does have a novel concept that he’s offering. But I’m more of a White Kobe guy myself.