‘AIRBALL’ CHANT TURNS 26: Ron Green Sr. note…

‘AIRBALL’ CHANT TURNS 26: Ron Green Sr. notes in the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER that this week marks the anniversary of the first chant of “Airball!” in a basketball game.

Green credits Duke’s Cameron Crazies for inventing the term in a game against North Carolina. In fact, the only two shots UNC took in the first half, thanks to Dean Smith’s maddening slow-down offense, failed to hit rim. Halftime score: Blue Devils 7, Tar Heels 0.
It’s rumored that Al Gore may have been in attendance and suggested the term to the Duke students. He also tipped them off to a futuristic form of communication he was inventing called the Internet.
Perhaps the most famous airball in college hoops history turned out to be best thing that ever happened to North Carolina State basketball. Dereck Whittenburg’s heave in the waning seconds of the 1983 national championship against Houston fell short of the rim, but landed in the hands of Lorenzo Charles, in perfect position to dunk it home, win the game and set Jim Valvano running around Albuquerque like a madman.


Update by Flash Warner: Thanks to Daniel Snyder taking classes at the MC Hammer School of Finance, the Redskins may not only be forced to let good players walk but they may also have to field a team with as many as 20 rookies.According to NFLPA figures, the Skins have $115.4M committed in salary in 2006 and are nearly $20M over the salary cap. But with labor negotiations breaking down, there may not BE a salary cap to worry about.

Who said good things don’t happen to good people?