Ahead Of World Championship, Teen Gets License

I got my driver’s license when I was 23, after putting it off for many years and failing the test once (I cut off a cop car). I haven’t been behind the wheel of a car since. Then there’s Tom Cave. The Welsh boy, 17, got his license on his birthday, and two weeks later is driving in the World Rally Championship.

Tom Cave

Cave has been competing on forest and mountain tracks for three years, but hasn’t been allowed in rally races because they take place on public roads. After taking the driving test on his birthday (and passing it on his first try), he is the youngest driver ever to compete in the UK Leg of the WRC. Afterwards, I assume he’ll be taking the girls in his high school up to make-out point in his souped-up Ford Fiesta.

Tom said: “I was a bit nervous – traffic lights and roundabouts are all a bit new to me.

“But I knew I had to pass to make my dream come true by competing in the rally.”

As of this morning, Cave’s car is in 44th place in the four-day rally in and around Cardiff. But every day he doesn’t crash is a small victory — for his insurance premiums.

And he needs to watch out for the road signs - not even the Welsh speak Welsh.

Welsh Road Sign